Saakshar Hum

Saakshar Hum is a Trust that aims to provide opportunities to students from disadvantaged backgrounds by accessing and garnering the pool of educated people of the society.

Join hands in this collective endeavour.

Our Mission

Reaching 15000 students by mobilizing 100 volunteers in 5 years

Our Vision

Ensuring foundational learning/ literacy and holistic development of the students from disadvantaged communities in Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh

Our Approach

  • Identifying and training passionate home makers, retired professionals and motivated volunteers
  • Matching volunteers with schools in their neighbourhoods
  • Collaboration with the school administration for growth and development of their students

    Our present ventures

    Basic English Course

    Basic English for primary classes

    This project is meant for students of primary wing where curriculum is in English medium. However the children are unable to read write or comprehend the language. This program

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    Basic English Course

    Spoken English for secondary classes

    This project was started as a means to fill a gap between students who knew the language but were not comfortable in conversations. This course is meant to inculcate the confidence

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    Basic English Course

    Sponsoring a child’s education

    This project is undertaken for children who are underprivileged. We tutor them, groom them and help them get admission in formal schools. Educational expenses are borne by Saakshar

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    Basic English Course play

    Classical dance for an orphanage

    This project has been started by an immensely dedicated classical dancer and a teacher Mrs. Baneeta Nag. Under her guidance children from an orphanage in Bangalore are formally

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    Basic English Course

    Happy Hours

    This includes music time, dances, poems, stories and sports. The idea is to have happy children coming to our classes. They should look forward to every class. Learning with fun

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    Basic English Course

    Life skill classes

    We believe that education can change the face of the Nation. It can impart the right values and the required discipline to a whole generation. Hence we include life skill classes

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    Our Green Goals

    Create awareness amongst children and make them sensitive to our environmental concerns .

    • (i) Reduce/Reuse/Recycle

      Organise awareness camps and workshops for school going children to find innovative ideas related to three R’s.

    • (ii) Save Water

      Educate people on water pollution and promote rain water harvesting.

    • (iii) Water Disposal Mechanism

      Educate people on proper Waste disposal mechanisms like composting , recycling , fermentation , proper disposal of garbage etc

    • (iv) Noise Pollution

      With increasing population and traffic in metro cities it is very important to tackle noise pollution issues by creating awareness about traffic rules.


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