We stand in the aftermath of a global humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportions: that of a devastating second wave of CoVID-19 and further of a third wave, looming right around the corner. A major challenge for health systems across the world was the unabated onslaught of burden of caregiving to highly infectious patients, by an already-scarce health workforce. The second wave in India affected more than 3 crore Indians and resulted in almost half a million deaths.

We can build hospitals, equip them and provide for all drugs and devices, but without a skilled, competent and compassionate health workforce, our beds are not considered ‘functional’; when it comes to saving lives, human instinct, know-how and abilities cannot be replaced by the best technology yet!

For those who can use learning management system , GOI provides an opportunity to use this interactive asynchronous platform with resources developed and piloted by experts along with virtual sessions to clarify the doubts.The current course has been developed for enhancing knowledge and skills of medical officers ,resident doctors (and future postgraduates) , physicians who would be manning covid wards & ICU's in hospitals . You will learn management of sick patents , equipment used , procedures performed , prevention of infections and follow up of discharged patients. Course content is need based, covers must know domains for management of COVID 19 patients and augments key competencies. The course contents will undergo modifications incorporating suggestions from Faculty, as new emerging evidence is shared. The course is accessible online via the web as synchronous & asynchronous mode . The course uses: Live webinars online Videos and webinars Self-reading current evidence based practices Standard treatment protocols Problem or case solving in discussion forum.

Digital technology will be harnessed as per capability of stakeholders, keeping in mind digital divide at villages, where mobile phone offline with Apps or telegram will be encouraged.

Latest available course on Covid 19, as of July 2021

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